Hello, 90s Women!

Bridget-EverettLast month at the thrilling and important show Our Hit Parade, Bridget Everett ended a long speech about her sexual exploits with the line, “What can I say? I’m a 90s woman.” Kara and I cracked up and laughed for the rest of the show.

The 90s! What a maligned decade, possibly the least popular ten years in recent American history. Whereas EVERYONE has written a book about the 60s, the 90s might as well never have happened.

But they did happen! We grew up in them! And we’re convinced they were not a waste, but in fact ushered in a whole new and — contrary to public opinion — NOT entirely objectionable new phase of feminism. This blog will be our conversation about this woefully underrepresented era. — Ada


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2 responses to “Hello, 90s Women!

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  2. thank you. i want more.

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