buying sexy flannel while fiona apple is playing on the radio

remember how awesome it was in the 90s when everyone wore flannel? but remember how hard it was if you were a girl in the market to attract 17 year old boys. that’s where sexy flannel came in–like in this picture that ada found. lately–maybe since im in school for the first time since 1997, when i used to wear such things–that’s kind of what i have been wanting to wear. i haven’t found what i’m looking for yet, but today i bought 2 tiny plaid tunic-type dresses that are both of the sexy flannel circa 1990s aesthetic and both totally inappropriate for me as an adult. but isn’t that what the 90s were all about? girls and women, together, glorifying in being totally inappropriate? i’m not going to wear the knee-highs this time, though._kara

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