Politics vs. Art. Also, Roman Polanski.


Jewel is a 90s Woman. Roman Polanski, Not so Much.

Kara, I think feminist culture heroes are super important because just when you need it, they remind you that you are not crazy, the world is crazy.

Speaking of which, the last two days I have been in a constant state of agitation about this whole Roman Polanski situation. Thank God Kate Harding wrote “Reminder: Roman Polanski Raped a Child” for Salon, because all the Polanski apologists have been making me furious. (My personal favorite: The L.A. Times comparing Polanksi to Jean Valjean from Les Miz, and thereby also comparing stealing a loaf of bread to drugging and raping a young girl.)

Samantha Geimer was THIRTEEN and said NO and still he gave her quaaludes and anally raped her. No one says those things are not true, not her, not Polanski. Then he was worried he wasn’t going to get the plea deal he was expecting and FLED JUSTICE.

Just because he’s had a hard life (and he totally has had the worst) or because his victim said she’s tired of the media coverage and wants it put to rest (although no, pundits, that is not the same as saying he didn’t rape her) doesn’t mean he shouldn’t ever have to be prosecuted.

It is so bizarre to me how many people are out there saying this rape is no big deal — because he’s a genius, because he’s gotten away with it so far, because he hasn’t been charged with anything similar since (though, if you read the overall super-sympathetic Christopher Sandford biography, he clearly had sex with many other underage girls).

Gotta love this quote from Polanski: “If I had killed somebody, it wouldn’t have had so much appeal to the press, you see? But… f—ing, you see, and the young girls. Judges want to f— young girls. Juries want to f— young girls. Everyone wants to f— young girls!”

I wonder if Woody Allen (bastion of moral standing there), Pedro Almodovar, Martin Scorsese, not to mention today’s Op-Ed columnist Robert Harris, all of whom are crying for Polanksi’s release, have read the upsetting complaint, to which Polanski PLED GUILTY.

Never before have I felt close to Jewel, but now I do. She wrote on Twitter: “Polanski admitted raping a 13-yr-old. Why’s everyone in the arts upset he’s facing jail? Cause he’s a gifted director? What am I missing?”


Go Jewel. Boo petition signers Wim Wenders, Terry Gilliam, Wong Kar-Wai, Darren Aronofsky and Alfonso Cuarón.

I like Polanski’s movies. No doubt about it; he’s a great director. I also love R. Kelly’s music. And Ezra Pound’s poetry. But so what? When it comes to horrible people who are also brilliant, let’s enjoy their art, but also — let’s throw their asses in jail.  — Ada


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