i think this counts as a good time

I think I know less than you, Ada—both about this specific instance and about this quandary in general. So let me first say: I only know the basics of about what happened between Letterman and Birkitt. But based on what I know, I have to admit that my response is the same as yours, ie. hot; what?; and who cares?

I agree with your friend that interoffice dating—especially between the boss and an underling—has all kinds of problematic repercussions, but bosses often play favorites even when sex isn’t involved. And what are you going to do when it is two consenting adults? Plus: Andrea Peyser is crazy. 

And yet….also, like you, I have a little bit of a question mark. I am waiting for some Feminist Friend to give me some really good reasons about why this is totally wrong. But so far, I keep kind of shrugging my shoulders. 

By the way, Neal has the best standards for a girlfriend I have ever read. Maybe he needs a blog called 90sMan. You are a lucky woman!–Kara 

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