at least britney spears is unapologetic

i have been so, so remiss with any kind of posting, but feel inspired by meghan mccain, amy adams, meredith viera, stephanie birkett….and you for posting about them. when are we going to have a moratorium on women apologizing for having sex, or for looking like they might potentially want to have sex, or for having had sex once before, etc.? (didnt you write a really good nerve article about how it is normal for girls to want to be attractive to boys and vice versa, etc? can you post it?) very randomly: as you know, i have an obsession with britney spears’s song “blur,” which basically details the morning-after of an intoxicated hook-up. on the one hand, i like it because it seems really real–about the oops, i didnt mean to do that kind of sexual experience that lots of teenage girls can relate to. but on the other hand, i like it because it also seems like its not entirely a cautionary tale–its also about the kind of experience that teenage girls aspire to. it sounds like something you did when you were 18 and something you wanted to do when you were 12. maybe only someone as shameless as britney could sing about it.–Kara

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