Dolly Parton is Unapologetic Too!

dolly-parton-sexyKara! Can I just say how much I love that you are studying all this crazy shit? Like, for school?!

I did a few articles for Nerve about not apologizing for sexiness. One was about Dolly Parton, who has always been proud as can be of hers. Her autobiography ROCKS for this reason. But I think the one you mean was called The New Prudishness. The argument in a nutshell:

The right-wingers and feminist academics — together again, as in Andrea Dworkin’s day — offer no game plan. They just declare that the porn girls and the teen tramps and the pop stars, and all of us, everywhere, who find any of that appealing, should feel bad, dirty and humiliated about the most natural thing in the world, the one thing that unites the history of humankind: trying to look cute.

That’s what’s stopped me when it comes to the ’90s anti-essentialist, anti-male-gaze feminism: damn if it isn’t impossible to get rid of wanting people you find sexy to look at you, whatever gender they are. I just don’t think that basic need for sexual appreciation can be defeated, and I think what pop culture considers sexy (baseball uniforms, four-inch heels, etc.) gets pretty hard-coded pretty fast. And so I think any totally successful feminist agenda has to just work with that stuff rather than assume it can be magically stomped out by enough theory and frumpiness. (It can’t be done, at least not by me; I with my Ecofeminist Reader and oversized shirts spent the ’90s trying!)

P.S. You’re right; Britney’s “Blur” is really good!


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