Testimony #2: Neal M.

themidNinetiesThese two images were easy to find and send to 90s woman.com. You wanna know why? Because I titled them, long ago, ‘TheNineties.jpg’ and ‘theMidNineties.jpg’

90s Feminism pretty much changed my life. It was the first vital terrifying wondrous thing I had full access to. When I found that Bikini Kill record with the snapshots of their stage banner which read in huge letters ABORTION ON DEMAND AND WITHOUT APOLOGY I thought I was gonna pass out with the thrill.


I read bell hooks, Urvashi Viad, I dreamed of seeing Carolee Schneeman’s work in the flesh, I pored over Bratmobile liner notes for clues to other people and bands and writers and zines and things and then spent a few hours every other day in every record store in Longview, Texas, seeing if by chance they had the new Need record or any Heavens to Betsy or if, by chance, the SCUM Manifesto should rear its head at the Barnes & Noble….I literally don’t think I saw a band with a male member until almost 2000.

But OK, so these pictures, despite the fact that I am a gentleman and not a 90s woman, relate in the following ways:

The one with the guitar is me and some other folks singing a Hole song…..speaking of which, Hole was the first concert I ever went to (I was a late bloomer) and aside from the fact that I was and am somewhat convinced that I ruined my Honda by conjuring evil by blasting ‘Pretty on the Inside’ too much, the main thing to note about my relationship with Hole is that at the very beginning of the aforementioned first concert ever, Courtney Love came onstage and immediately spit whiskey in my face. I think it is the hope and wonder that that conjured in me that you can see in my expression in that picture.

The other one is…well, let’s catalogue it and that’s about all that needs to be said: I am in a green cardigan (which i had until this summer when i lost it in London and may never get over the pain) work boots, and a nightgown and I am having a lot of feelings on my friend’s couch while listening to Sinead O’Connor.

So I guess what I am saying is thank you very, very much 90s women.Neal Medlyn

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  1. theadventureclub

    That’s so weird cuz I DID pass out the first time
    I saw Neil perform so I guess that means I love
    Neil Medlyn more than Neil Medlyn loves 90’s feminism. xoxoxoKathleen

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