Thongs and the New Sincerity


"Trust" by Hal Hartley.

Okay, Kara, why is there no band named Thong Panic? We should start one. We can do Sisquó and Lisa Loeb mash-ups.

But your post (nice pic of Sasha Grey, btw! check out this one) reminded me of the chasm between the life lived by 90s women (really quite complex and progressive) and the media coverage of it (Holy shit, teens’ thongs are showing above their jeans!).

It also reminded me of how much culture I consumed that I thought everyone knew about but that in fact only like four other people saw. Case in point: Hal Hartley.

My God, but I loved those movies of his, especially Trust, Surviving Desire, and The Unbelievable Truth. They totally were the 90s for me, in all their hyper-sincere, embarrassingly pseudo-intellectual, shamelessly romantic glory. But you know what the biggest movies of the 90s actually were? Schindler’s List and Forrest Gump.

Come to think of it, did The New Sincerity have any impact at all on the culture? — Ada



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8 responses to “Thongs and the New Sincerity

  1. jayble

    “Trust” was brilliant and a movie I still quote today.

  2. Your blog is very interesting! I love 90s too! Yes agree with the biggest movies of the 90s – Schindler’s List and Forrest Gump. And actresses of the 90s must be Nicole Kidman and Kate Winslet! Still LOVE them!

  3. Caroline

    I remember reading the review of “Trust” in Sassy magazine, and after seeing it (pre-internet as it is today), I cut the review and picture out and it lived on my bulletin board for years!

  4. Kara, look! Reader Caroline brought up Sassy! Can you believe in the month or so we’ve been doing this, we haven’t even talked about Sassy even though you literally wrote the book on it?!

    • Caroline

      Wow, I did not realize that you had written that book! I bought it the day it came out, and the woman who worked at the bookstore who helped me find it, was disappointed because it was the last copy, and once she saw it, she wanted it. Awesome book. The only problem is that it makes me long for my long-gone copies of Sassy. Seriously though, thank you for writing it; that magazine was really important to me.

      • Aw, thanks, Caroline! That’s so nice. Writing that book was the best thing I’ve ever done, partly because it was so much fun meeting other Sassy fans. If you ever decide you want some of your old Sassys back, you might be able to find them on ebay. I was able to buy back almost every issue.–Kara

  5. Trust was a perfect movie, for me. So much tenderness and totally unforgettable, memorable scenes. Some of Hartley’s later work became a bit too abstract for me, although I will always be a huge affectionado, but Trust just clinched it. Unbelievable Truth, Amateur, Fay Grim, Simple Men, Surviving Desire and Henry Fool are also gems…

    Nice to meet another Hartley fan out there. Stay in touch. I blog about stuff like this too.

  6. feminist

    You may be surprised to learn we agree on something: I agree that Hal Hartley’s films are hyper-sincere, embarrassingly pseudo-intellectual, shamelessly romantic. Sorry.

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