Pressure to Perform Is Co-Ed

belladonnaThat Air Supply guy was awesome. I feel like the three people we found sexy except for except pre-deep-throat Belladonna, whose body was  just ridiculously hot, were the Air Supply DJ, that friend of Paul Pope’s who accepted the award for him, and — we can admit it, we’re among friends — Levi Johnston.

And remember, we liked the DJ because he seemed really cool and into what he was doing and emo in the best possible way, and we liked the friend because he was actually cute and had a sense of humor (the Box version of sexiness is completely without humor), and Levi because he was strapping and young and dumb and so cocky it was absurdly intriguing.

One thing I found really funny about our conversation at the Sex Awards was when you said after we watched naked Belladonna’s sex act, “Girls have so much pressure to be hot like this. Do guys?” and I said, “Guys have a ton of pressure to perform sexually, and I think that makes them super insecure.” And we talked about how ultimately being a girl has a lot of advantages.

Guys don’t have the same pressure about how to look. (If they did, baseball uniforms would be as common as high heels.) But they have the pressure of having to come on to the ladies, getting rejected all the time, and getting hard when they’re supposed to. It must totally suck. And I think the idea of 90s feminism was that it was supposed to sexually liberate both men and women, so neither would feel all these pressures. But I think you’re right that the pressures may have just changed form . . .


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