Lady Gaga in Her Underwear

First off, I just watched the “Bad Romance” video and you are right about the lingerie. Which of the fifty ensembles is the best, do you think? I’m leaning toward this red number, but the black and silver one is up there. I like her more and more.

Asked if she’s boy-crazy, she says, “”Yeah. Well, I’m girl-crazy too. I really depends on where I am. I love men, I love women and I love sex, but I’m actually pretty introverted right now because I’m so enveloped in my work, and it’s hard to let anybody near that. People f— with your energy, and it’s very hard to find people that are supportive of your art and don’t want to take time away from it. A lot of times, boyfriends and girlfriends get jealous and want all your attention, and I really don’t have time for that.”

That brings up another issue: how everyone in the 90s was bisexual.

But wait! We were talking about the male gaze…

Quick anecdote: I was walking down the street with Kathleen Hanna recently and at a corner a drunk guy started talking to us. I was just ignoring him and gearing up to walk faster, like always, but she said, loudly and distinctly, “I do not care what you think” and held her hand out. Only then did we resume walking. He was completely stunned. I thought that was an insanely cool — and very 90s Woman — move.


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2 responses to “Lady Gaga in Her Underwear

  1. I have to say, the Bad Romance video really rubs me the wrong way. I’d love to hear what y’all have to say about how the plot of it is basically “sexy sexy sex trafficking!” I know in the end it’s a revenge fantasy, but I’m really uncomfortable with how much objectification takes place up until that point. The look on Gaga’s face when she was dancing for the johns (freaked out and unhappy) kind of made my stomach turn. I feel like 90’s woman revenge fantasies didn’t hinge on objectifying women before they got to the revenge…

  2. Ha, I love this review of the video: “sexy sexy sex trafficking.” That’s super interesting. I don’t know. I guess it seemed to me like it was a revenge fantasy but also just about how bad romances suck so bad on so many different levels, from the dancing-for-crazy-guys-with-mean-cats to being bathed by sadistic nurse ladies, and how eventually you realize how you’re a monster/zombie/victim of bad romance and then you kill the person via a bed fire and your bra-laser. But I think your analysis is more 90s woman than mine!

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