All the Young Bisexuals

Boys kissing! Booga-Booga! Image from L.A. Times blog.

My friend Brendan who works at MTV says the kids these days are all bisexual and have none of the angst around it that the 90s crowd did. He says they’re all, “I’m going to make out with a girl! And then a guy! And then that rock! And don’t you tell me I can’t!”

This seems to me to be a legacy of 90s feminism, which was all about being able to act on your feelings outside of labels (and yet, and how does this add up, we also totally rocked identity politics?).

Anyway, this is a very hot topic this week because as I know you know ABC kicked Adam Lambert off the morning show because he kissed a guy in his AMA performance. CBS gallantly picked him up for The Early Show, but thent totally lost all cred because they BLURRED OUT THE KISS when they showed it. They did not blur out the Madonna-Britney kiss, of course. Meanwhile, the kids are all buying his album.

So I think the moral is that kids today are totally fine with all kinds of sexuality and the Man is still freaked out by guys having sex, although they still A-OK with pretty lesbians.

I think it’s great news that the kids today are so into different expressions of gender, etc. I’d forgotten about the miniskirted facial hair audience member! I loved all those girls. They seemed so much happier and more optimistic than we were back in the day! It made me really hopeful about the future of sex and feminism. I think Adam Lambert and the insane “Video Phone” video are good signs too. — Ada


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