A Streetcar Named OMG Exactly Right

Photo by Sara Krulwich/The New York Times

Kara, last night I saw the best of all possible shows. A fairy godfather took me to see the sold-out Streetcar Named Desire with Cate Blanchett at BAM (I’m the “friend” quoted in his totally perfect review).

Anyway, I’ve always liked the show but it always felt like it had nothing to do with my life. But with this production, suddenly it was about everything we’ve been talking about regarding how men and women relate to each other.Even though the words were all the same, and the period didn’t change, the show is suddenly all about modern womanhood and how men and women turn each other on and mistreat each other and make each other clinically insane, and how sex plays into it all.

There’s something about the way Stanley is so hot and young-seeming and then so terrifying that totally evokes that “radical pro-feminist” quiz but gives the theory of heterosexual sex’s inherent horrors a much more sophisticated and familiar spin.

Anyway, my new dissertation subject for you is to discuss how this production of Streetcar (directed by Liv Ullman) in tandem with the “Video Phone” video are all anyone needs to study to understand modern womanhood. (BTW, the show is sold out, but given how people are freaking out over it I bet it will transfer to Broadway.)


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