Taylor Swift Is So a Feminist

Salon’s Kate Harding keeps writing articles I was just about to write (see: Polanski). But I have no internal conflict about Taylor Swift. She is AWESOME and an excellent role model. So is Beyonce, and so is Lady Gaga. The three of them totally own American music right now and are all very Strong Women and they couldn’t be more different. It is a really good time to be a teenage girl or to have a strong inner teenager. You and Taylor are totes separated at birth, btw.



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2 responses to “Taylor Swift Is So a Feminist

  1. Melissa

    Beyonce was in one of the most sexist movies Obsessed, so I find if hard to believe she’s a feminist. Beautiful , yes. Mildly talented, maybe, Feminist, probably not.

    • Thanks for the movie tip! Beyonce has an all-female band, writes songs about female empowerment, and seems super in-control and happy on her own terms, so I feel like she’s super feminist. But I will check out that movie, prepared to cringe…

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