The Strip Club of My Dreams

When I visit family in the Catskills, I drive past this crazy building on Route 28. It used to be a dollhouse furniture store. I visited it once when I was little to check out all the cases of tiny dressers and dishes. But now it’s just an empty, windowless, decrepit castle with DOLL HOUSE emblazoned on the front.

A friend and I once spent an entire car trip deciding what kind of bar we would start there if we owned it.

Our plan: a co-ed and fantasy-based strip club. And not sci-fi fantasy, but real fantasy. Instead of just Catholic School Girls and Naked Ladies, the strippers would be hot approximations of Taylor Lautner, Lloyd Dobler, Tina Fey, Jose Reyes, Giulietta Masina from Nights of Cabiria, Paul Rudd, Iggy Pop, Taylor Swift in the “You Belong With Me” Video and a rotating cast of other heartthrobs, all of whom would be in character, and super flirty with everyone in the bar. There would be cheap drinks and maybe Scrabble. It would be PG-13 rather than X, but far more of a turn-on than a romantic comedy. Investment opportunity, anyone?

Giulietta Masina in Nights of Cabiria


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  1. It’s a great building. It is sitting empty and the longer it sits the worse shape it continues to be in. A bar would be great in that building. Good luck with the town of Ulster and the city of Kingston getting approved for anything. As I was interested in a bar and found out that there is not enough parking, the sewer is not adaquate, there must be an entrance and exit on rt. 28a the road behind the building. They shoot down anything that has wanted to go in there. I think they would rather see the building which is a landmark building torn down. A bit of history of the building in the early 1800’s it was a brothel so I was told by the realitor that took me through the building. It looks like it maay have been with all the very small rooms on the second floor. I hope you can do something with the property before the wrecking ball does.

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