Our Hit Parade Catch-Up

Yay, Kara, you’re back! As I have told you, your grad school applications were really messing with my social life. Before I respond to your posts, here’s one of the things you missed: my husband performing a Black Eyed Peas cover nude. Kathleen observed that he is in better voice when he’s naked. More comfortable, I guess.

You also need to check out everything else from that night, especially Khaela from the Blow doing “Lose Yourself.”

Kenny doing a mash-up of Miley and Whitney and gay-marriage speak-out that made me cry.  (His “I’m Losing My Edge” with Mike Jackson is also great.)

Everyone doing “Fifteen”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhIBUbqI7dk&feature=channel

Also here’s Erin Markey’s take on Taylor Swift. Enjoy!


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One response to “Our Hit Parade Catch-Up

  1. okay, ada, i was watching the our hit parade videos (thank you!) and obsessing over A. how kathleen is totally right–neal is at his best without clothes on; B. this is 2 shows in a row that kenny made me cry; and C. bridget figured out how to fix taylor swift’s overconfident assertion that “in your life you’ll do things greater than dating the boy on the football team/but i didnt know that at 15” when she adds “or even now.” because: really? i must be in post-post-feminist mode now–kara

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