on being (or not) a feminist christian

so, ada, you have been getting a lot of great attention (from the new york post, npr) for your story on salon called “i am a closet christian.” in it, you say that a particularly high percentage of gen x doesnt want anyone to know they are religious.

as someone who went to catholic school for 13 years and jewish sunday school for about half that long–and who has had swastikas drawn on my book covers and been told im not really jewish because my dad isnt–i am firmly in the non-religious-to-anti-religion camp (though i don’t identify as an atheist). but i always like hearing you talk about your very different experiences.

so have you gotten any interesting responses from other closeted feminist christians?



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2 responses to “on being (or not) a feminist christian

  1. After reading the article I sympathized with Ada’s story of having ambivalent feelings about being an out and proud christian. I was raised in a christian home that was not too supportive about me being a gay man or the fact that I was drawn to an earth based religion. I am a practicing, eclectic witch/pagan; and even though alternative religions are welcomed in intellectual circles, I still struggle with telling friends proudly that I am a witch, and am dedicated to the preservation of the earth and learning natural ways to heal myself, like yoga or reading and exercising more. I am black and maybe this is another reason its hard for me to tell people that I am a practicing witch because witchcraft has been historcaly associated with European roots although I do appreciate and blend in all sorts of various African Dieties into my worship.
    I say right on Ada, Church seems to be working for you and giving you peace not dogma. Continue to go and forget what your friends think, if they are true firends they will embrace you for who you are and your actions. Many Blessings,

  2. Well, I love what Jacob says! And Michel Martin, who is Christian, interviewed me for NPR and said all kinds of super nice things about hiding your spiritual life or not. She is a total 90s Woman. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=5201175
    And I got like a dozen emails from friends and acquaintances who say they are secret Christians too, but I won’t out them here!

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