a gen x documentary worth watching

last year, after i reviewed x saves the world, i had the opportunity to explain to a slightly perplexed gen x panel consisting of jeff gordinier (x‘s author), jeff chang (cant stop, wont stop), and douglas rushkoff (get back in the box) that not everyone who grew up in the 90s hated britney spears. rakeda lashae filmed this pop culture skirmish of the sexes for an upcoming documentary about gen x. it looks like it might have a similar testosterone-heavy vibe, though i still think women had their own very special babydoll dress-clad, sassy-reading, pro-choice marching experience of the 90s. i hope some of that will be represented but, if not, thats what this blog is for.

and either way, ill watch it. i cant resist a movie featuring a guy in a “black nerds unite” t-shirt or, for that matter, featuring me, even if it is just biting on a pen for about 2 seconds at 2:44.


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