Steals All Its Content

For real. I am not writing this for “” I am writing this for 90swoman, a rarely updated but impassioned blog. just recklessly pulls content from various other blogs to make it look like a ’90s superblog. That makes it look like I and lots of other people (some of whom are pissed) are writing for them. This is annoying, because I am doing this site for fun and for free and not to get ad traffic for some dude that apparently lives in Palm Beach? ( Registrant: PN Ventures Group 721 Us Hwy 1 St. 216. North Palm Beach, FL 33408. United States Domain Name: ASTROPUPPEES.COM Created on: 23-Aug-99

In a fit of annoyance, I wrote to them. I called them. I got no response. I was told by their service provider, HostGator, that the best way to get to a site like that is to file a copyright claim. I’m not mad enough to go to all that trouble, but if you are, here’s how to do it: My only consolation is that this post will presumably end up on their site too.



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3 responses to “ Steals All Its Content

  1. A

    I subscribe to your RSS feed and appreciate that it’s a full feed. I’m annoyed that a lot of blogs truncate it and make you go to their sites to read the whole thing. However, I understand that feeds can be stolen and that is one reason to truncate it. You may want to do that and also look into adding a note to the feed or post, as I’ve also seen on other sites, saying essentially “If you’re not reading this [here], it’s stolen content.” That really blows.

  2. So I was thinking surely that site looked like an unprofessional mess, & thus wouldn’t really garner all that many followers. But wow, it looks like an actual blog that would legitimately have contributors. I’d be annoyed if I were you, too! Hope you’re having a fantastic 2011!

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