deep thoughts on clueless

So Ada, last night, in honor of the recently departed Brittany Murphy, we broke out the thigh-highs and mini skirts and watched Clueless with our friends Marisa, Marjorie, and Mikki. A few things we loved, besides the fact that you knew EVERY SINGLE LINE:

  1. Brittany Murphy looking super cute pre-drug and eating disorder. If only she had known that.
  2. 90s clothes! Plaid, plaid, and more plaid; leopard print; the aforementioned thigh highs/mini combo; patent leather loafer heels; and mom jeans for everyone.
  3. Brittany Murphy’s perfectly-pitched teen angst. “It’s my hips, isn’t it?” she says after the Elton “break up.” Also: “If I’m too good for him, how come I’m not with him?” It’s like the 90s version of “He’s Just Not That Into You.” (Related: we want to do a dating self-help book called “It’s Not Your Hips.”)
  4. Paul Rudd’s black beret-wearing girlfriend, who announces something to him about “Walking through the garden of ideas.” Let’s be honest: In 1995, we were That Girl—not Alicia Silverstone.
  5. The phrase “complaint rock,” which is really better than “emo.”
  6. Brittany Murphy’s very sage romantic advice, ie. “Anything you can do to call attention to your mouth is good” and “Sometimes you have to show some skin. That makes them think of you naked and then they think of sex.” Truer words were never spoken.
  7. Mikki noting the significance of referencing Luke Perry, not Dylan McKay.
  8. Brittany Murphy’s awesome put-down of Cher: “You’re a virgin and you can’t drive.” Ouch.
  9. Our Paul Rudd Hot or Not Controversy. I say yes, and not only because my first boss, a party publicist, made me flirt with him at an InStyle event in 1997 in a way that made PR seem deeply uncomfortable. But you say Not, right? (Related: the James Spader Hot or Not Controversy. I say: Hot.)
  10. That the party scene—unfortunately featuring the Mighty Mighty Bosstones—is very American Apparel.
  11. Lip liner. RIP, lip liner. Let’s bring in back? MAC Spice?

I know you had some other important thoughts on why Clueless is so great, so bring it on (to mix teen movie references). Maybe we need Marisa to contribute an entry on the Etsy Butt Wrap? And what does our note “Was this the precursor to the slutty hot woman?” mean?


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3 responses to “deep thoughts on clueless

  1. I sort of like that Mighty Might Bosstones song…there, I said it. Also, Clueless is so awesome even my dad loves it. He wanted to say to my college boyfriend, “I got a .45 and a shovel, I doubt anybody would miss you.”

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