Feminism: The Last Ten Years

Barefoot and bookish Taylor Swift, courtesy of Blogs.VillageVoice.com

Kara, okay I am going to try to respond to your wonderful flurry of post-grad-school-application posts.

You gnawing on that pen is totally the highlight of that Gen X movie trailer. I can’t wait to see it, and yes, it seems a little male-centric, but it also doesn’t seem to be all white, which so many Gen-X things are, so that bodes well.

Now on to the feminist moments of the last decade, of which Double X has a list, and so does our friend Mikki Halpin on Alternet. Mikki’s list is more selective and I found it more useful. I  totally agree with her on the top three defining moments being: the Obama election, Rihanna’s battery, and Dr. Tiller’s murder.

What I think is missing is an updated Women in Rock type opus about how women are totally dominating the music world. Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, and Lady Gaga are arguably the three most powerful music people right now. They’re all ladies and all very different and all super talented and Taylor, at least, writes her own songs as well as other people’s. It seems like super good news for feminism, and for music and for concert-going in 2010. Our Taylor Swift tickets are totally on my fridge right now… — Ada



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3 responses to “Feminism: The Last Ten Years

  1. ada, you need to write that opus! do it! and i totally agree with you re: the gen x documentary. i definitely look forward to seeing it.

  2. But Ada, do you think that we can say women are dominating the music world when the industry overall is still so sexist? Are there any women who head up record companies, or radio stations, or own booking companies or venues? I am not sure what the answer is. I am so excited by Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga (maybe less so about Beyoncé, who I enjoy as a performer but don’t see as a game-changer) but I also want to see movement that will make it less mind-blowing when women do make it to the top, if that makes sense. Let’s liberate all the women in music!

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