What Should We WEAR?

Kara, I love your last post. It’s true, right? Roiphe and a few other ladies are really obsessed with the idea that second-wave feminists in particular hate sex. I confess to having had my own moments with this delusion, but I know now that I was basing that on all the “young ladies today should put their shirts back on!” scolding that was all over the place in the ’00s. Now I know better.

But, more pressing business: as you know a news photographer is coming to Brooklyn to take our picture tomorrow because this blog has made us crazy famous, so I have been researching Rolling Stone covers for inspiration about how we should dress and pose. I’m leaning toward the ice cream cone, but it is winter, so maybe the gun belts? Or: I do have a pink cowboy hat.

Thanks to 90s Woman Doug for his suggestion: the Slits’ “Cut” cover.


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6 responses to “What Should We WEAR?

  1. Dress like the cover of The Slits’ “Cut”: http://bit.ly/8ao6fL

  2. such a good idea, doug.

  3. Nikoel

    I think the “Winona” would be more than appropriate!

  4. Ooh, overalls with nothing under them, good one! We went with little black dresses and cardigans and froze almost to death because it turned out they wanted us outside and it is like 20 degrees out there.

  5. Aimee

    Where will it be published? I was going to suggest that you write “I love my cunt” on your foreheads in lipstick…

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