Conversations on Deck

Kara, here is a list of things we need to talk about:

Defending the Bromance

Why Lisa Carver’s Dancing Queen is one of the best  books of all time about America.

(Related) Why Tonya Harding is an ultimate example of the 90s Woman.

Misogynist/Genius Debate on Bob Dylan (Also, is Lady Gaga the new Bob Dylan with the shameless appropriation?)

Why Hearts of Men is such a good book.

Why 90s Womanhood is all about Stealth and Secret Messages.

Why did Will Ferrell get so much more famous than Molly Shannon and Cheri Oteri?

Spin magazine 1992-4.

Manohla Dargis’s awesome “Fuck them” diatribe on Jezebel and how she’s super right about Crash.

So many discussion topics! But first, I’m going to put up a “remember when” post about clothes.



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3 responses to “Conversations on Deck

  1. who knew scotch made us so productive?! i cant wait to discuss all of these. okay, starting now.–kara

  2. Totally. We should do an ad for them: “This scotch will make you super list-y.”

  3. also, maybe, why we both hated the movie “secretary,” even though we felt like we are exactly who it was meant to appeal to.

    and why 90swomen are so in touch with their inner teenager. (or, to put it another way, why the feminist generations debate is so overblown.)

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