What 90s Women Wore Besides Plaid

1. Doc Martens. You and I thought these weren’t girly enough and so wore their Mary Janes.

2. Rubber bracelets. Lots of them. Especially black and neon. Early 90s.

3. Jackets worn off the shoulders. Backpack worn on one shoulder. Basically avoiding anything at all on shoulders.

4. Hoodies tied around waist.

5. Curly elastic shoelaces, especially with Dockers.

6. Pincurls!

7. Double collar.

8. Benetton sweaters.

9. Hypercolor.

10. Pegged jeans. Did this lead to the skinny jean explosion of the ’00s?

11. Creative socks.

12. Jellies.

13. Clogs.


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11 responses to “What 90s Women Wore Besides Plaid

  1. As an aging male spectator to all this, what was with the visible bra thing? A friend suggested at the time that it was worn in situations when the subject would have gone braless earlier on. Is that it?

  2. Rachel Fudge

    The visible bra was a big F-you to our mothers and grandmothers, who were horrified at the thought of people seeing our undergarments. Plus, we had all those tiny camis, ribbed tanks, and ultra-worn white tees to wear, and if you weren’t flat-chested enough to go braless, what else could you do?

  3. Rachel, that makes so much sense! I had never thought about it like that, but it totally explains the underwear as outerwear trend. Our mothers’ generation was still wearing slips when they were our age and all concerned with them showing. So what better way to rebel than to wear a slip (or a few slips on top of each other — who’s with me?) with work boots?

  4. actual 90s conversation with immigrant father:

    “what is that?”
    “it’s a DRESS, dad”
    “doesn’t that go UNDER the dress?”
    “that’s why they call it a SLIPDRESS. duh!”

    cargo skirts
    ex-boyfriend’s leather motorcycle jacket
    multi-patched cutoffs
    the coolest concert tee you could get a hold of
    bag from the army surplus store
    camis/tanks/tees as per rachel

  5. That reminds me of something I remember Lisa Carver saying in an issue of Rollerderby (brilliant zine of the ’90s): If it’s cold, wear a bunch of slips one on top of the other. If you’re still cold, have another glass of champagne.

  6. Nikoel

    My favorite outfit was navy blue 8 hole Docs, cut off jean shorts with forest green tights, Mudhoney tshirt with blue and white Levi’s flannel shirt. I also had a couple babydoll dresses, slipdresses and baggy high waisted jeans and in the late 90s baggy overalls with camis underneath. I really wish I still had those Docs.

  7. yeah punctilious statements above 😀 …;)

  8. Ash

    The two biggest trends where I come from (Southern Australia) was baggy overalls with tiny tees, or ankle length floral skirts, again with tiny tees. And always with Docs or Cons (or any street shoe really.)

  9. When I was about 16 or 17, my signature look was a big, bulky sweater worn as a dress with tights and short, flat boots. (Or chucks.) Sometimes I wore shorts with it, if the sweater wasn’t long enough to double as a dress. I don’t know it that’s typically 90s, or just “weird, arty kid.”

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  11. dfly

    HELP!! Seeking Sam&Libby clogs, remember them? I mean the amazing brown leather, wedge heeled, mary-jane style ones….anyone seen any anywhere??

    sincerely yours,

    back to my roots before it’s too late

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