What Do You Think of V Magazine’s Size Issue?

That conversation about being a good feminist vs. succeeding in the mainstream was super uncomfortable, which I think means it’s important. But let’s take a time-out for some palate-cleansing fashion talk.

Have you been following this V magazine flap about whether or not the plus-size issue is a feminist triumph or tokenism or something else? I find it kind of annoying whenever fashion mags do a “Size Issue” and everyone acts like it’s such a risk, when it is still clearly ghettoizing women over a size zero. It was like when Vogue got all these pats on the back for having a black woman on the cover. Once. It’s not like it changes anything.

But — this issue is kind of hot. The photos of Dirty Martini (who Neal has performed on the same bill with a million times) are kind of ridiculously fun and sexy. And they were taken by the ultimate size-ist, Karl Lagerfeld. He’s been quoted as saying, “No one wants to see curvy women.”  So maybe that’s the big story here: Karl Lagerfeld taking hot pictures of a bigger-than-a-twig lady.


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4 responses to “What Do You Think of V Magazine’s Size Issue?

  1. The V girls are seriously HOT!
    Yes, I agree there’s an element of “big girl tokenism”, but hey, it’s a smokin’ start. Roll on the day when “plus size” is relabelled as “normal” – after all, when you read the stats, that’s basically what it IS!

    PhilBee, NZ


  2. brendan

    YOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! ada!


    like 5 of them, but def that gurl you posted!

    thought you would think that was cool!

    love b

  3. What?! That is so cool! xoxoxo Ada

  4. Nikoel

    I’m annoyed that plus sized models only ever appear nude or mostly nude, but it’s a start.

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