who cares about 90s feminism?

i really wanted to post the picture of kathleen hanna from the 1992 newsweek article on riot grrrl.

evelyn mcdonnell, author of the great gen x/motherhood chronicle mamarama, thinks there is a resurgence of interest. not only does evelyn mention this blog, but she also notes kathleen hanna’s recent donation to nyu’s fales library.  certainly, the fact that fales now has an entire riot grrrl collection proves the point. as does the fact that the new yorker decided to cover the news. the new yorker writer, macy halford, says she hopes that “as N.Y.U.’s archive continues to expand, so too will its influence outside of the academy—in the lives and words of real, live Riot Grrrls.”

i would like to say: me too. in many ways, riot grrrl is an inspiration for a blog like ours, not only  in that both are diy, but in that both (i hope) talk about feminism in a way that feels accessible and real. of course, as a grad student myself, i can barely wait til i can luxuriate with an entire collection of bikini kills in late fall 2010. while i wait, im going to think some deep thoughts about what kathleen has to do with other purported icons of 90s feminism, like the pussycat dolls and bridget jones. oh, and i think i still have some phd applications.



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3 responses to “who cares about 90s feminism?

  1. Nikoel

    The lack of capitalization is really distracting.

  2. Neal

    Yes, but there was no capitalization in the 90s! People couldn’t even be bothered to spell out your, instead opting to just say ‘yr.’

  3. It’s true! I am a fan of the 90s, zine-y, lower-case aesthetic. However, in the interest of readability, I will try to use more caps on this blog in the future.–k

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