What if Sex and the City Were Radicalized?

From BusinessWeek.com

Kara, I totally relate to your take on Bridget Jones, and I think you’re right about how the  feminism we were radicalized by would benefit a number of fictional characters. I just watched the Sex & the City movie for the first time because 90s Woman Bridget Everett is in it. I was really depressed by it (although Bridget E. is, as always, completely brilliant!).

On one hand, that show was supposed to represent that bubblegum feminist Spice Girls thing of sexiness and friendship, together at last! But it’s so much about money that I find it hard to stomach.

For all the talking and analyzing they do, they never seem to get below the most superficial layer of things. They celebrate shallowness, and not in a fun way. It’s like a religion to them, being vapid and superficial and greedy. God, do I sound stodgy? I’m like, “Those Sex & the City girls should read some fucking Judith Butler.” But whatevs, that’s how I feel.

Also, they caused a zillion girls to move to NYC and drink apple martinis on the Lower East Side and believe they could work two hours a week and afford Louis Vuitton bags. Also men are 100% projection. And it celebrates snobbery. That show has a lot to answer for.



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2 responses to “What if Sex and the City Were Radicalized?

  1. I think you are judging the franchise based on a movie that only cared about getting fan’s money while satisfying them with a fairy tale ending.

    You should consider watching the series that does a better job at celebrating powerful and sexually independent women, that emphasize that being married with kids shouldn’t define every woman’s life and that leave men as an option rather than a necessity.
    I think it was clearly bread crumbs for this chick to get married to a 60 year old guy she has been chasing for ten years when she is forty and is ready to hit menopause. Clearly the message is that it’s better to settle and let your pride and honor get trampled than die without a husband.

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