Ashley Dupre, Feminist Performance Artist?

Ashley Dupre on the cover of the NY Post

Here’s an excerpt of the interview Ashley Dupre, Eliot Spitzer’s call girl, did for the cover of the NY Post, “Ashley: Score on and off the Field”:

Is football a turn-on?

Yes. There is something so sexy about a man and his game. Football appeals to the warrior in every guy. If his team wins, help your man enjoy the spoils of war by being a ravishing treasure. If his team loses, be there to comfort him and make him feel better. And it’s very sexy to watch.

What’s the sexiest part of football?

I think football is the sexiest sport out there. Hot sweaty men acting like beasts — I mean, come on! It’s so sexy to watch them act like animals.

Halftime — enough time for love?

If the Jets are winning and the energy is up, yes, yes and yes! Always time for a quickie!

Her NY Post sex column is also fascinating. Did you know having sex with a well-endowed man is difficult, but “you need to ‘break her in’ so she becomes used to the size of your manhood.”

P.S. The Jets lost.

P.P.S. We could deconstruct the hell out of her first NY Post cover:


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