More Conversations on Deck

Kara, I love your last post but first I want to mention some of the next things I think we need to talk about.

*Lady Gaga concert last night at Radio City, OMG! Teenagers today are so lucky. Between her and Beyonce and Taylor Swift, their pop culture is so much more affirming than ours was.

*The NYTBR letters to the editor about Katie Roiphe

*Ashley Dupre on the cover of the NY Post yesterday and how she’s a walking projection screen for male fantasies. Neal says it’s so extreme that maybe it’s performance art.

*I got a million rubber bracelets off eBay for 99 cents and I think we should wear them at EMP.

*We should probably plan our EMP panel, right?

*There were like fifty articles in the NYT yesterday about how women making more money than men is okay. What’s that about?

*I told someone about our blog and he was like, “So it’s like nostalgia for something everyone would rather forget?” And I said, “Kinda.”

*I was hanging out with a friend the other day and we were talking about art and feminism and family and stuff while watching our kids. We started five thousand super interesting conversations. In the service of these topics, books had been pulled off shelves. Things had been looked up online. And then when she was leaving we realized we had been talking non-stop for like three hours but hadn’t actually finished a single conversation. This blog is like that. I know it’s stereotypically feminine and non-linear, but it’s kind of a nice way to live.


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  1. i love the way you write 😉

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