things about the 90s that i can’t figure out

is benjamin kunkel the face of oos sexism? i dont know, im trying to make ada answer

Ada, for once, I have nothing to say.

In her excellent testimonial, Hillary A. says,” I’d love to hear your thoughts about…how your experience with sexism has changed from the 90s to now.”

I have been thinking about this all day. This should be an easy thing to describe, right? I mean, I was in high school and college in the 90s. Now, I’m in my 30s. A lot of time has passed. Plus, we’re talking about 2 entirely different cultural moments.

And yet, every time I start to think about this question I get confused. So I thought that the feminist thing to do would be to say: I don’t know. (I’m kidding about this. Except I’m not.)

Anyway, maybe you can answer this question better than I can? Do you know how your experience with sexism has changed? And if not: do you have any idea why this question is so hard?

In other words, in the spirit of feminist collectives: you first?



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2 responses to “things about the 90s that i can’t figure out

  1. Kara: I think one of the reasons why you’re getting confused is that I didn’t explain myself very well!

    Here is what I’ve been thinking about, thanks to this blog. In the 90s it seems like there was a discussion of feminism in popular culture — whether it was the Riot Grrls or Sassy magazine. I encountered more overt sexism, but I also had more conversations about the role of women in the media, the culture, and the workplace.

    I’m wondering if that was solely because in the 90s I was in college, and now I’m a married thirtysomething mother of two? Is that kind of dialogue still going on in college and universities today?

    My four-year-old daughter and I were listening to Free to Be You and Me a few weeks ago, and the hope and idealism brought me to tears. I know that’s from the 70s, but still I wonder: is it just me, or has feminism dropped away from the greater (pop) cultural dialogue?

    -Hilary A.

  2. You weren’t confusing! I think it’s just a good, complicated question. I’m going to try to answer it…–K
    PS. ooooooh free to be. i remember listening to it on vinyl.

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