Is Beyonce reading our blog?

i got this picture from the globe and mail. i wonder if i can find one with the crotch grab?

Um, Ada, I can’t believe what I just saw.

I was watching her, thinking about how amazing she looked, and how cool it is that she chose to sing “If I Were A Boy”—super-interesting feminist song!—when she launched into Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know.” It’s like everything we have been talking about came together in a Super Important Cultural Moment.

As the NYT blog said, “90s women stand up!”

I totally want to talk more about this.

We knew it would be all about the women tonight. And it is. And I actually feel even more excited than I anticipated. We went from Gaga’s opening number to Taylor winning an award and thanking her record label for letting her write every song on her album to Beyoncé winning an award for “Put a Ring On It” (one of my less favorite songs…you know why….) and then doing her mesmerizing “If I Were A Boy” performance and now Pink (who I thought gave one of the best performances at the MTV Music Awards, which got overshadowed by the Kanye scandal). It’s pretty amazing.

One random thought, perhaps to pick up later: I’ve been thinking about Beyoncé performing as Sasha Fierce and Lady Gaga performing as…whatever she’s performing as. In the 90s, a lot of pop stars were obsessed with authenticity. Now, the biggest stars seem to be much more into playing with identities.

One random swoon: I saw Ke$ha on E’s pre-show. She said that the big change in her life since she became famous is that she can buy a taco now. She also said “thanks, man” to the interviewer. The female interviewer. She also looked really hot. I’m in love with her now.

Okay, Miley is introducing the Black Eyed Peas. Gotta go!

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