90s Women G-Chat the Grammys

Ada: good morning. let’s talk beyonce. she is so much better than anyone else

Kara: agreed!

Ada: beyonce is the embodiment of all the good of the 90s merged with all the good of now and that performance totally proved it, from the shots of jay-z in the audience clapping for her to the merging of alanis

Kara:i agree. i think beyonce is reading her judith butler. there was all of the gender troubling. im thinking about what she did that was 90s vs what she did that felt very now.looking super-hot = now (best hair. her hair looked so good.)

Ada: 90s = gender-fuck stuff, alanis/anger

Kara: yes, definitely. it was exciting to see her so angry

Ada: neal just said ke$ha is the first performer he can really relate to from a class perspective, because she is laconic white trash. his people.

Kara: oh, my new love for ke$ha….. interesting, from a class perspective, the “$” pop music could definitely use a 2010 lisa carver

Kara: gaga? i thought her performance was super smart. she and beyonce are both really into the persona thing (sasha fierce)

Ada: totally freaky and funny and i love that she got elton dirty

Kara: and then “i want the real gaga” before she came on stage. yes! elton and gaga belonged together. gay diva, young female performance artist more on the persona thing: gaga doing poker face and then beyonce as sasha fierce and then covering alanis. it’s like all of the stuff about women and identity and authenticity and performativity from academia come to life

Ada: true! identity politics made playful and contemporary

Kara: exactly! fun and accessible. i also liked when the announcer said “shes a monster…and shes turning all of you into monsters”

Ada: yeah that was a lot of the concert – getting people to do the monster hand

Kara: i mean, there is a whole long history of women being feared as monsters. medusa, etc.

Ada: ooh good historical perspective!

Kara: speaking of….taylor and stevie! intergenerational

Ada: ha, right! very second plus third wave

Kara: yes! i saw on some blogs this morning that ppl were complaining, saying that a diva like stevie shouldn’t have to sing a song with lines like “she’s cheer captain and i’m on the bleachers” it’s not my favorite taylor song but i disagree. i mean, i think the idea of an older women singing the song a younger woman wrote is a good one. i mean, havent there been a million conversations about how older feminists have to listen to younger feminists and not just the other way around?

Ada: and also isn’t pining after people universal

Kara: definitely

Ada: and one of those things dif age women can bond over

Kara: isn’t it what stevie’s best songs were about?!

Ada: right! as soon as something’s old everyone acts like it’s hallowed

Kara: i know and…come on. i mean, stevies songs might have been darker, and from the perspective of someone with more experience but its the same stuff

Ada: totally, and taylor was so happy to be on the same stage with her. it was super respectful

Kara: i agree. and i feel like you have made the point before that pop music is sort of ahead of the curve with feminism, at least mainstream feminism. and this all seemed like an example

Ada: dude, i am watching nicki minaj behind this and oliver [home sick from nursery school] is watching high noon. it’s a gender vortex. womanhood! manhood! nurse costume! guns!

Kara: omg, dying

Ada: shopping with Mariah carey! loneliness!

Kara: okay, i am going to go and send my FINAL phd app.

Ada: Yay! Talk to you later!

P.S. Nicki Minaj:


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2 responses to “90s Women G-Chat the Grammys

  1. cat

    Beyonce is also the only pop star I can think of that has a predominantly all female band.

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