Bikini Kill Archive!

Did Bikini Kill change your life? Kathleen Hanna’s started a site that collects BK testimonies. Details are here. There are also some amazing videos on their YouTube channel. I just sent in my post, and it’s posted here. And I’ll copy and paste it here, too:

In 1993, when I was 17, I was interning at SPIN magazine. One week, right after my first serious boyfriend (a repeat-reader of On the Road) had cheated on and broken up with me, I was cat-sitting for a guy I worked with who later OD’d and died. His apartment, a studio on 5th Street between Avenue A and B, had a pile of zines and comics (and a litter of kittens who slept in a cat bed under the sink).

While recovering from my breakup, I just holed up in that apartment and listened to all his CDs and read all his zines, and the one that instantly changed my life was Bikini Kill Fanzine #2. I went straight to the copy store and made copies for me and all my friends. I brought it to my feminism club at school (Stuyvesant High), which was run by the Debbie-Harry-esque school psychologist. We studied it like it was a textbook. I sent a fan letter to the address on the back. I started doing my own zines. And I carried the BK zine around with me in my backpack like it was an amulet that would protect me from the indignities of high school, which in a very real way it did. -Ada Calhoun


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2 responses to “Bikini Kill Archive!

  1. seriously, what better than bikini kill to protect you from repeat “on the road”-readers?! ugh.–kara

  2. Maybe Bikini Kill, Rollerderby, etc. are to 90s women what the Beats were to 50s men. Only the writing in the girl stuff is way better. -Ada

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