it’s a party in the u.s.a! interlude

“The world isn’t so bad, and not everyone is a jerk. Here’s some evidence in the form of a room full of hardcore punk types singing and dancing along to Miley Cyrus’ “Party In The USA”. (Thank you, Mildred!)”

That’s what fluxtumblr says, and I want to agree.

I feel like this is the palette cleanser we need before I post depressing thoughts on the State of Gender Relations among Cliche Middle-Class Couples I May Not Even Like in Real Life (or something) tomorrow. But until then, enjoy!

PS. There might be some gender imbalance at this particular hardcore dance party. I can’t fucking worry about it, okay?! I am not going to let my being a feminist stuff get in the way of enjoying the Cyrus-loving tattooed guys!



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3 responses to “it’s a party in the u.s.a! interlude

  1. Holly

    Hardcore shows are notorious for gender imbalance. I can’t count the number of shows i’ve been to where the male to female ration was 4 or 5 to 1. That video was pretty hilarious though.


  3. Hannah

    The beat keeps them so nicely organized and slow. And they know the words. And the lighting is magical. And there is a man who appears to be pregnant. So in short: amazing.

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