The 17-Year-Old Grrrundge: Nils vs. Bikini Kill

From BK's archive blog!

Have you heard about this crazy latter-day internet battle raging about a fax about Bikini Kill? Here’s the quick summary:

Seventeen years ago, Nils Berman, then of Sub Pop, sent a fax to some music journalists essentially discouraging them from covering Bikini Kill’s UK tour. Slim Moon recently posted about this on Bikini Kill’s new archive blog.

Music critic Everett True posted about the BK blog post on his blog, and then posted an email from Nils, who then participated in the long comments thread about women calling men rapists at BK shows, being marginalized as a gay man, and talent vs. community.

One of us here at 90s Woman is all, “People, it’s 2010!” but the other loves gossip, especially when it’s two decades old. We agree that this brings up a ton of issues, like about The Dangers of Rockism (rockists insist we all should value objective “talent” over things that for some obscure reason make us feel a way we want to feel). And as if there is some objective measure here. Loved this comment:

julie cafritz said… Ahahahahhahahahaha…..
skin yard, tad, cat butt, fluid, soundgarden, gas huffer
all that talent could fit on the head of pin and still leave room for a couple of angel

The whole gay guy vs. teen girl dynamic brought up here is also super interesting. These are communities who are usually on the same side — side by side at Taylor Swift concerts, these days — but Nils is calling out BK fans as anti-gay and anti-man . . . seventeen years ago he got called a rapist at a show and that (plus the existence of “more deserving” bands) justified behaving in such a shitty way toward the band?

Anyway, it is a verrrrrry 90s fight. Something about it being so old a complaint makes it even more 90s. We don’t let things go, we 90s folk. Ever. Read the comments on the True blog to really immerse yourself in the drama.

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  1. thanks for the update on this drama!

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