Why Was This Stuff So Scary?

I’m glad you brought up Marisa’s book, Kara, because it reminds me of a question I was left with after reading it: Why do some feminists make people SO MAD?

One effect of her conflating Riot Grrrl bands + Spice Girls is that you lose the distinction between women who everyone likes, whether or not they’re in power (they’re pretty! whatevs!) and women who scare the shit out of everyone, whether or not they’re wielding power.

I’m thinking of Kathleen Hanna, who people tried to beat up while she was singing in Bikini Kill (and lobbied against, as per our last post), and of ladies today like Jessica Valenti, who started Feministing and is maybe the #1 lightning rod on the internets for misogyny. She wrote a piece for me at Babble about liking her dog and the feedback was full of, like, DIIIIIIIEEEEE BIIIIIITTTTTTCH comments.

WTF? These are even ladies who are hot (not like that should matter, but, you know, just as a control study it’s worth noting), but they stir up something really primal. Maybe I’m naive or dumb or something, but I honestly don’t get it. I mean, those Bikini Kill shows I’ve been watching on YouTube seem like they were really scary and charged, but we’re not talking about GG Allin. Why did they make people so, so mad? For real! That’s not a rhetorical question. I really want to know.

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  1. Neal

    Not to mention Karen Finley! She got the US Congress and kinda the whole nation pissed off about some stuff Pete Hammill made u–i mean er, ‘wrote’ for the Voice.

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