90swomen are Ahead of the New York Times

matt damon as a stay-at-home dad? it could happen

Ada, we’ve talked a lot on this blog about 90swomen making more money than their male partners. We have not talked about how the NYT‘s David Brooks is a total un-90s-ish reactionary. Here he is talking to Gail Collins about what young men should do given the sad state of jobs in the current economy.

Gail Collins: I think they should also be encouraged to stay home with the kids. In fact, we should celebrate it. In the grand sweep of American lifestyle choices, stay-at-home fatherhood is possibly the only one that doesn’t get eulogized in our popular culture. I want to see the Bachelorette questioning her suitors on how many years they’d be willing to set aside for full-time childraising. I want a movie in which Matt Damon stays home while Beyoncé goes out to work. He can capture an escaped terrorist during the hours when the kids are in preschool.

David Brooks: In theory, I agree with you. Men should be staying home more. But I do think for many working-class men, we will find ourselves running into some pretty stiff headwinds. I come back to evolutionary psychology, which suggests that women are just more nurturing.

With his dubious use of evolutionary psychology, Brooks manages to be his usual super-sexist self. And look, he’s classist too! (He isn’t against men staying home. It’s those backwards working-class men who won’t do it because they are too ape-like.)

Personally, I think that GC and DB should visit the coffee shop in my Brooklyn neighborhood some morning. I always feel a tad out of place among the throngs of men and babies. Or maybe the NYT needs to hire some 90swoman op-ed columnists.


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