Stay-at-Home Fathers are Hot

Did you just write that post about parenting to invite me to mention my book? Cause, you know, my book Instinctive Parenting: Trusting Ourselves to Raise Good Kids is coming out March 16th! Please buy it on Amazon, everyone! It is blurbed by the 90s-est of 90s women, including Lisa Carver, Kathleen Hanna, and Lili Taylor.

Anyway, I agree with you that 90s women and men are all over this equality shit, and I agree with Gail Collins (who I quite like) that Hollywood, etc., have been super slow to recognize it. And I agree with you that David Brooks is super obnoxious. He wrote something not long ago about how, like, America’s Vitality and Creativity is threatened by people having healthcare.

It made me genuinely furious while I was reading it, which is I guess the job of Op-Ed columnists and why he’s so popular, but yeah, I just hate when men project their own insecurity in their manhood onto other people.

“Men who take care of the kids are whipped” = a deep insecurity with one’s own masculinity. Nothing is hotter or more 90s Woman than a guy carrying a baby around.


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One response to “Stay-at-Home Fathers are Hot

  1. ceeba

    I assume, since you are an advocate of equality of the sexes, that you also think stay at home mothers are hot, right?

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