Is Vajazzling 90s-Womanly?


We have talked a little bit about Body Image, that ultimate 90s Woman topic, and we should talk about it more, especially if we can do it using the word “vajazzling.”

There is apparently a new spa procedure, Kara, which if you were still a beauty editor I bet you’d have to get, in which the lady is waxed and crystals are applied in place of hair. The blogger on LuxurySpot loves it and writes about it charmingly.

But I don’t know. The value of this look is dubious. “If I took some girl home and ran across that, my reaction would be terror,” says Neal. Indeed, it would probably strike some, especially in the dark, as some new and exotic STD.

And yet, maybe it’s a way for ladies to have fun with their bodies? Or is it just one more crazy way to spend money and time doing crazy-intensive self-maintenance for something that only lasts five days and will scare suitors more than attract them?

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