OMG, just found this Children of the 90s site with a post on Body Glitter!!!! Best quote ever: “For young girls growing up in the 1990s, glitter was like a broad-point neon highlighter. We assumed that if there was something we wanted to call attention to, the only viable solution was to douse it in sparkles. How were middle school boys ever going to notice your stunningly feminine clavicle bones if not for carefully calculated application of glitter to that area? How, I ask you?”


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  1. I used to wear straight-from-the-crafts-store glitter, affixed with Vaseline. On my lips. (Which was pretty gross when you were trying to eat a sandwich.)

  2. Did you use the kind that was shaped like little stars and moons? I used some kind of body gel with little shapes in it and I can still remember the feeling of it on my skin. It was like being stabbed by little tiny daggers.

  3. OMG, this post excited me so much. Back in high school, I owned about a dozen glitters in various forms, from blueberry-scented gold flecks in jars to tutti-fruitti-smelling iridescent sparkles in roll-on form. We used to wear them on our eyelids and cheekbones.

    If you really wanted to go all-out, you’d buy some tiny metallic star stickers from the crafts store (same kind teachers used to award you for carefully crafted essays), and place at corners of eyes.

    Snap on some Goody barrettes in your hair, and you were ready to roll.


    I have never been one to wear makeup, but bodyglitter as eye shadow, rouge, and/or random accenting? WIN.

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