Fighting AIDS with Lipstick

Everything about this Mac AIDS Fund interview on CNN (watch it!), in which Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper insist women “put their foot down” in the bedroom over condoms, is 90s.

“I’m not a self-obsessed masturbatory artist.” — Lady Gaga
“Sisterhood is a powerful thing.” — Cyndi Lauper



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2 responses to “Fighting AIDS with Lipstick

  1. Em.

    Gaga and Cyndi Lauper together is just too good.

  2. omg this is some next level intergenerational feminism. when LG says that she is inspired by cyndi and then cyndi says “i get inspired by her. i get inspired to remember myself.”
    plus, mac is the 90s-est makeup brand ever. mac spice?!
    intergenerational feminism + mac + safe sex + femmes = SO 90s. –kara

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