in the 90s, “guys were out of fashion”

blake nelson's 90swoman book "girl"

when marisa and i were working on our sassy book, one of our favorite interviews was with blake nelson, who wrote short stories that christina kelly serialized in sassy and that later became the book girl. (one of our other favorite interviews was with former staff boy/current spin magazine editor charles aaron. who knew that 90smen would have some of the best stuff to say about 90swomen?) in this article for bust, our good friend and future emp panel moderator mikki interviews blake about all kinds of important things.

Here’s what he says about writing a novel with a girl as the main character:

“I think the reason I did a girl back in 1994 was because girls were in people’s minds then. It was the era of Sassy. The era of second wave feminism or whatever. Riot Grrl. Girls were just more interesting at that time. Guys were out of fashion.

Stories I wrote about guys at that time were usually rejected as misogynist or insensitive, or whatever. So with Andrea I could safely make fun of things and say whatever I wanted about our society and nobody could criticize me.”

It’s worth reading the whole thing. And can someone tell me: Were guys really out of fashion in the 90s?

Either way, Blake is in NYC this week. Check him out at the Barnes & Noble on 14th Street at “Upstairs at the Square” on March 11th at 7 PM with the teen girl band Care Bears on Fire. Mikki will be there and hopefully I’ll be there, too.



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2 responses to “in the 90s, “guys were out of fashion”

  1. naomi

    i looooooved girl. obsessed. still pick it up and read it every now and then. can’t believe i’m missing this panel. boo!

  2. Meghan

    My bff and I read and re-read Girl obsessively as soon as it was published after being turned on to the early portions published in Sassy. I’ve read it at least once a year for the past 15 years and it just always feels so of that (early 90s) moment, preserving it so well for me forever.

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