Gaga and Beyonce Grapple with Important Political Questions

Ada, Check it out! Today’s most important female performance artists take on female-perpetrated violence. I hope the New York Times likes it.



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13 responses to “Gaga and Beyonce Grapple with Important Political Questions

  1. feminist

    i have to believe you’re kidding. like this is a trap or you’re setting aside from being utterly horrible from an esthetic point of view, it’s more like it *promotes* female-perpetrated violence, as well as objectification of women (especially since it’s being done by them) and Virgin electronic devices or something.
    here’s the first thing that popped up in a search for it; no mention of violence in super review of this “epic” piece of shit:

    at least you guys gave a thumbs-down to vajazzling; it wasn’t clear which way you were going to go.

  2. feminist

    should read:
    i have to believe you’re kidding. like this is a trap. aside from …

  3. feminist

    ten-year-old girls who love lady gaga’s music are going to watch this, probably won’t see it as a mash-up of film genres or as commentary on consumer and celebrity culture.

  4. Kara, this is amazing. Like ten people sent this video to me this morning. It is the first really exciting video in a while. I kind of doubt ten-year-old girls are going to become serial killers based on this video; it’s about as dangerous as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the psyche. Seems like this is art playing with ideas of violence. I am working on a story right now about tween culture and talked to an expert on boy psychology who says shooting each other with sticks is how they process ideas of loyalty, good vs. bad and bravery, and that it’s hard-wired. Maybe girls need to do that too? -Ada

    • bookgreen

      ada, i don’t think the other person was saying that girls are going to go out and become serial killers! do you really think it’s OK for ten year-old girls to watch this? or kids in general? or your son?

      i do love lisa carver.

  5. feminist

    my last comment forever and then everyone can go back to reading heidegger, or saving the world, one vajayjay at a time.

    i was wrong: we haven’t won!

  6. Ada, I’m definitely not too worried about the 10-year-olds on this one. I mean, I watched the Like a Virgin video when I was younger than that and look how I turned out! Also, I want to support any video that inspires Elizabeth to write lines like “if i was writing this for a dissertation I would compare this to the theme of twins in Finnegan’s Wake…ok, no I wouldn’t, I stole that whole reference from The Bell Jar I have never been anywhere near a copy of Finnegan’s Wake.” Hahahaha. Her gloss on the naked dance scene is right on. More of her epic review here:

  7. feminist

    i can’t resist. forget ten, let’s say ten and under. letting a kid watch this is like showing them the pictures from abu ghraib — and saying it’s cool and sex-positive. the crime scene tape outfit? the fight between the two other girls? the moment at the beginning when she’s stripped of her clothes? the dance scene in the jail corridor? this lady ga ga relies on exposing herself and crazy outfits because her “music” sucks and i don’t care if she came up through the lower east side clubs or not. but you’re right. third-wave: to each her own. i am sorry. and now goodbye for real.

  8. bookgreen

    Look at the still image of the crime-scene-tape thing here:

    I have a six-year-old and I wouldn’t show that image to her. I hate to agree but she might not know the difference between that and an image from Abu Ghraib. I wonder what Susan Sontag would say about it.

  9. theadventureclub

    I think Lady Gaga’s music is total crap and this video is totally boring and not interesting at all. I feel completely weirded out that everyone I know likes her
    and is equating this stuff with art. It is bad 10 year old Euro dance music…….and the imagery is just totally “why be normal” to me. I mean at the end of the day all her videos boil down to skinny women dancing around in fancy underwear outfits. I guess it is radical because some of the women have tattoos? Funny hats? Sexualizing women in prison and making prison look like a fashion show/art expression is just embarrassing to me. The only thing I liked was the hot butch girl and the kiss.
    But this is just my opinion. -Maude

  10. bookgreen

    the “only words to play with” post (which gaga actually tweeted! oh my), is interesting and informative and it sometimes reads like a parody of theory and deconstruction — as if it were written by someone who wanted to make fun of semiotics students. the one thing i’m beginning to believe is that gaga is a trickster (see ).
    in which case the feminists are being tricked along with everybody else.

  11. bookgreen

    check out the sections on obscenity, art, lying and appetite:

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