Lisa Carver Download Available!

For three dollars, you can download Lisa Carver’s original, disturbing “Suckdog Love Booklet” from Nutmusic. There is horrific hate speech in it (Lisa famously performed with Jean-Louis Costes and Psychodrama), lots of talk about violence, and some gems of 90s music history.

In a SPIN interview reprinted here, Robert Christgau, says of Suckdog, “Why should anything you’ve said make me want to go see this group?”

Lisa writes on Nutmusic’s website something that puts the booklet into some context, and provides as lucid an explanation of Suckdog, extreme zine culture and the 90s vs. today as anything I’ve seen. Here’s how it opens:

The era when this booklet came out — the late ’80s — was so different from today I sometimes believe it never happened. You could still live a double-life. There were phone booths for anonymity and no cell phones for traceability. You could make prank calls. No GPS. No Youtube. People didn’t walk around with cameras in their pockets. What you said and did wasn’t recorded and easily and instantly disseminated to any and all. You had control over who knew. In this booklet’s case, I photocopied it in batches of five and sent it through the mail to people who signed that they were over 18 and not a police officer. Oh boy! You could say and do and think anything and not get in trouble back then! Oh, the freedom of the mind and the flesh we enjoyed! The freedom to make terrible mistakes. Click here to read the rest

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