The Best 90s on the Internet (Besides Us)

sarah gilbert and drew barrymore at their 90s-est. i found this on fuck yeah femmes. they found it on fuck yeah swagger.

Ada, I totally want to take on the 90s, feminism, and race, but I must have partied too much over spring break? (Uh-huh. I totally just had spring break.) Was it those vodka tonics I drank at your (very, very fun) book party? (BUY THE BOOK, EVERYONE.) Anyway, I have a slight cold, so I am taking this opportunity for a 90s palette cleanser. This time, it is awesome 90s tumblrs.

Marisa and Doree were recently trying to convince me that we should move 90swoman to tumblr, so that we could participate in the 90s love fest going on there. I don’t know what I think of that. (Do you? Do readers?) Either way, I totally love tumblr. Especially the 90s stuff. So here are a few of my favorites.

Just Say Jolie

A new 90s song posted every morning! Including the song “Every Morning” by Sugar Ray!

Fuck Yeah Hole

Courtney’s awesomely not-flat stomach. Melissa Auf der Mar in see-through tops with black bras.

Loveless 1990

What 90swoman didn’t listen to their parents’ Simon & Garfunkel growing up? Listen to it here. And look at pictures of Kurt Cobain, and Dorothy from the Golden Girls, and the sugared cereals my mom wouldn’t let me eat.

Fuck Yeah, Kathleen Hanna!

Sometimes I try to fight nostalgia and pretend that the 90s aesthetic wasn’t better than the present-day aesthetic but a picture of Kathleen wearing a onesie and looking like she’s never heard of a bikini wax proves that I should stop with the lying.

Miss World

When they get what they want, they never want it again… Etc.

The Real 1990s

There are 290 pages of 90s ephemera to look at on this tumblr so….get to it.

Hairy Pits Club

Okay, this isn’t a 90s tumblr, but it’s my favorite, and I didn’t shave for a few years of the 90s, so enjoy.

There are tons of other awesome tumblrs as well: feminist art; feminist…stuff; genderqueer; etc. And I’m sure I’m missing some great 90s tumblrs. (Sorry! Tell me in the comments.)

Seriously, people, stop trying to convince me about this twitter bullshit and get on it. Just be sure to come back.


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  1. Thank you very much for the mention!
    -FYKH contribs

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