Is Ke$ha Bad News?

Kara, thanks for that rundown of excellent 90s sites. Thought we made up 90s discussion + internet! Who knew?

Now, I have a question: I know you love Ke$ha, and I know you love Bitch magazine, so I’m wondering what you think about Bitch’s recent post about Ke$ha’s American Idol performance of “Blah Blah Blah,” which I posted above.

This is not my favorite song (right now, this very non-90s woman song is) and I am not super into her whole trashy, drunk-party-girl vibe, although I totally get it (especially after a couple of drinks, and especially if we’re talking “Tik Tok”).

I like Ke$ha in the abstract because she is just unapologetic¬†trash. There is nothing upstanding, respectable or reliable about her. You would never want to hire her as your babysitter because she would make out with her boyfriend on your couch instead of playing board games with the kids. As someone who’s spent most of my life kind of compulsively “good,” she is a liberating force. At least in the abstract. In reality, she just seems like someone who would spill a beer on me at a concert.
In any case, she’s the kind of person who doesn’t seem to do much of anything with great forethought, which is why I was kind of surprised to hear so many people wondering what she “meant” by wearing a Native American headdress part way through her performance on AI. Does she ever mean anything? Dunno.

The Bitch article, called “Feminist Intersection: Ke$ha and the ongoing cultural appropriation and sexualization of Native women,” which unlike me you can understand because you are in graduate school, basically says that the headdress combined with all that stylized trashiness equals racism.

This seems to be giving Ke$ha a lot of credit for plotting some statement about indigenous peoples. And I feel like headdresses have become as co-opted by fashion as any cultural relic can get, so if you’re going to go after her, there’s going to be a looooong list of tickets to hand out.

Anyway, in general I’m not really feeling people complaining about female performers not being responsible enough in various ways when dude, there are so many bigger problems, both in the world and in pop music.

Exhibit A: Robin Thicke’s “Sex Therapy” is on the pop charts, and tell me this video is not a take-off of David Brent’s in the British Office:

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