my photo gallery of awesome 90s stomachs

Omg, Ada, I love this topic. I know everyone thinks it is annoying and privileged and white to think about body image–which it partly is–but a lot of political energy can get siphoned off obsessing about the contours of ones stomach! Anyway, in the 90s, stomachs were hot (though I didn’t actually know that then and wrote some poetry bemoaning my own back in the day. Also: deep thoughts about stretch marks.). Since as a grad student I can no longer afford pilates, maybe we can spearhead a revival of what I think is a very hot–not to mention low-maintenance!–look?

courtney love's hot pre-surgical non-abs

christina, i loved you before all the dieting and vogue profiles

drew looks cute

this is really about kathleen's thighs, but whatevs

not a huge claire danes fan, but this is cute

me, living out a 90s fantasy in 2010 for marisas book party invitation



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3 responses to “my photo gallery of awesome 90s stomachs

  1. zan

    This post is like a fishing line dragging back the memory of the night I Sharpied the address of some guy I knew from IRC #skate on my stomach in someone’s NYU dorm room.

    I would so welcome your revival. Maybe going forward we can write all of our blog posts on our awesome natural bellies? Mine currently has plenty of room for thoughts.

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