RapeLay Spits in the Face of the 90s

Kara, have you seen this CNN thing about video games from Japan that let you stalk, torture and rape women and girls? There are even plots, like you are getting back at the woman who fired you by raping her. A narrative!

First of all, what the fuck is wrong with Japan?

Second of all, things like this make me think the 90s totally failed. I mean, it’s not like I thought rape would be over, or sociopathic behavior, just because of some zines. But I kind of thought there was this vibe like, “You know what’s not cool anymore? Thinking rape and torture jokes and games are good times.”

Thanks(?) to Brendan for the link.



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2 responses to “RapeLay Spits in the Face of the 90s

  1. >what the fuck is wrong with Japan?

    This isn’t representative of Japan.
    Actually, this game is more (in)famous outside of Japan than in.
    Almost no one would in Japan (or anywhere else) would want such a game, and therefore don’t even know of it’s existence.

    No one condones rape or violence.

    But in Japan, games and cartoons aren’t subject to the same laws that make photos and/or movies, etc showing violence against women and children illegal…since they’re imaginary.

    Not saying it’s a good game (because it certainly isn’t) or that it’s a common theme here (because it certainly isn’t)…but that’s the loophole in the law that allows it.

    • Valerie

      I definitely agree that this is not representative of Japan at all. If I’m not mistaken, I believe Japan actually has lower sexual assault and rape statistics then the US does. Thought I’m not sure if that would count the instances that go unreported, and if it did if it would change those numbers. Who knows.

      But I’m afraid that you are wrong in saying that rape video games are not a common theme in Japan. Rape is a very common theme in Japanese video games AND comics. You can find tons of games just like RapeLay in a Japanese video game store.

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