Continuing my 90s Body Crusade

So, Ada, I was thinking about how it’s true that you rarely see celebrities with soft bodies anymore. And yet, somehow, I haven’t been feeling all that oppressed by 2010 beauty standards. How come? Part of it is probably because I don’t work at fashion magazines anymore. But the other part, I think, has to do my twin American Apparel and Tumblr obsessions. American Apparel (and their vintage offshoot, California Select) might be kinda evil, but their aesthetic definitely veers towards curvy models in super-tight clothes. And there are lots of awesome tumblrs, like Fuck Yeah Chubby Girls!, to counter the super-skinny, super-airbrushed images we see elsewhere. Maybe the 90s body aesthetic isn’t totally dead?

I have a crush on this American Apparel model.

This Vintage Select girl is really cute.

Vintage Select. Cute.

Vintage Select. CRUSH.

From Fuck Yeah Chubby Girls.

From Fuck Yeah Chubby Girls.

From Fuck Yeah Chubby Girls.

From Fuck Yeah Chubby Girls.


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4 responses to “Continuing my 90s Body Crusade

  1. Love this little cluster of body posts đŸ™‚

    Scarlett Johannson I’ve always seen as soft bodied and gorgeous (and accepted by Hollywood, fuck yeah).

    also Christina Hendricks. So beautiful!

  2. I like that Fuck Yeah Chubby Girls shows a wide variety of body types. I am not skinny, but not hourglass-y either. It’s one thing for Hollywood to embrace Scarlett and Christina, who may not be super skinny, but they still posses a body type that’s unattainable for most women.

  3. m

    one thing that always attracted me to american apparel was their use of non-conventionally beautiful models (thick eyebrows, blunt bangs etc) models. i also liked how they used “curvy” models like you said, but always found it weird how they did that while at the same time most hipsters are only accepting of gamine women.

    sadly it seems like (at least to me) they’re using more typical white, skinny, blonde, thin brows etc looking models as time goes on. they even replaced pictures of some of the older pictures on their site with the new ones featuring more conventional models. i guess that’s to be expected as AA becomes more mainstream and popular (and the “indie” look in general.)

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