Deep Thoughts on “Heart Shaped Box”

Ada, I thought you might want to take a look at what our friend Elizabeth Spiridakis aka White Lightning has to say about this Nirvana song:

“I have a theory that my generation has a speciality in darkdarkblack humor & a twisted view of the world precisely because of stuff like this being firmly entrenched in our pop culture history.

You could NEVER make this video today!
I mean…one of the biggest bands in the world at this moment (1993) and their top single’s video is a supersaturated dream of white-haired child KKKs, a wizened Santa on the cross, abortion trees and a fat lady in an anatomy suit.

As Hunter was saying…pretty intense shit to watch after school (over and over and over again on MTV).

oh, PS? This video is SEVENTEEN YEARS OLD. Put that in yr wherethefuckdoestimego container.”

Read her whole post here. She is a 90swoman, 90slover, and recently gave a lecture on Lady Gaga’s fashion that made me (and everyone else) cry laughing. Her blog is the best.

Could this video ever be made today? Or a song called “Rape Me”?



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2 responses to “Deep Thoughts on “Heart Shaped Box”

  1. Meghan

    All I can think is that the adult powers that be of the 90s were just so unprepared to even be able to imagine, let alone respond to this video, as it went so far beyond typical complaints about too sexy or violent videos!

  2. Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy,” falls into that category, too, I think. Especially considering that it predated Columbine by, what? Seven years? Both videos met with their share of controversy, sure, but I can’t imagine either airing today.

    Oddly enough, MTV banned The Replacements’ “The Ledge,” a song whose subject matter mirrored “Jeremy’s,” but with a far less graphic video. (Actually,the video had nothing to do with the lyrics, it was just the Replacements sitting around eating junk food.) Maybe there was a small window of opportunity where a band could take some pretty heavy risks, but I agree: I think the media was just so unprepared for it.

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