Liberal Hypocrisy and Corporate Media

Barbara Stanwyck was a 90s woman and I know she wasn't really in His Girl Friday, but in my mind she was.

So, Kara, I just started working part-time at a tabloid as a city reporter, because, well, wouldn’t you? And I walked in fully prepared (almost enthusiastic!) to see all manner of pre-90s-enlightenment behavior — ass-grabbing, cigar-chomping, you name it. But you know what I found instead? A woman in charge and everyone flexible and friendly.

Contrast this with all those horror stories we have seen and heard surrounding liberal media bastions: hours cut so employees couldn’t get health insurance, totally sexist dudes running the show, racist articles, back-biting, etc., etc.

Remember when we were at that thing at WAM! and everyone was telling these tales and we were like, “You guys could be making ten times as much and not dealing with any of that if you could condescend to work at Conde Nast (or wherever it was they had in their minds was an evil empire)”? That was when we became friends, right? In defense of The Man? Sooo ironic.

Anyway, I am just throwing that out there. I know it’s lame to be saying things like, you know what’s cool: pop music, for-profit corporations and the mainstream media?, and I know politics and workplace policy are not in direct opposition, but this week I kind of feel like maybe they are.

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